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            Baifa provides comprehensive solution for prime/standby power generation from 10-3000kva on building. Usually use standby power source when main power shut down. Our product have wide variety of usage in this industry, including skyscrapers, shopping mall, hotels, restaurants, school, house and etc. Prime power generator is also use for construction of those facilities.

            High quality generator sets with auto control function, can be paralleled to reach desire power output, ATS equipment on every gen-set ensures immediate switch and start generator when city power shut down. With auto remote control function, gen-set real time operation parameters and state will be monitored, and machinery will give immediate alarm to monitor equipment when faulty occurred.

            Tailored for environment

            1.Working altitude suitable for 5000 meter or below

            2.Working temperature with minimum of around -40’C (engine,alternator heater)and maximum around 50’C

            3.Soundproof/Container type generator designed to being anti-rusty and it sufficiently avoid rain/sand/rock into the canopy, still maintain sufficient air intake. Low noise level of our soundproof gen-set. 30-40% noise level reduction compare to open type gen-set.

            4.Auto-fuel-transfer system ensure engine to run continuously by transferring fuel from external tank to basement tank.

            5.Standard basement fuel tank can work up to 8 hours, Large basement fuel tank can extend working hour to 12hours or 24hours, and auto fuel transfer system base on customer request.

            Baifa power supplies generators from 10-3000kva powered by Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, MTU, Scania, Mitsubishi, Baifa engine.

            Typical Projects

            • 2011 Qatar Hotel 5x500kva Soundproof
            • 2013-Tianjin Eco-city 1000kva generator set
            • 2009-FIFA Africa wordcup Angola Lubango Stadium 4-1000kva
            • 2014 One of the luxury hotel in Hainan,China
            • 2015 Tianjin 117 building highest in Northern China- All powerd by MTU engine
            • Office building standby power containized gen-set
            • Office building basement standby power
            • Office building basement standby power
            • Overseas Villa standby power
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