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            Baifa, in China, is devoting itself with great enthusiam to become one of the leading power generation manufacturers in the international lines.

            Brief introduction of Baifa power

            • Founded in 1992 in China
            • Annual sales of 6000 units
            • Products exported to over 155 countries and regions
            • 60000 sq.m plant
            • 34000 sq.m workshop
            • 180 employees
            • CE, ISO9000, ISO14001, ISO18001

            Product Line

            • Industiral diesel & gas generator sets (range from 8kW to 3000kW)
            • Marine generator sets (Certification of IACS, BUREAU VERITAS and CSS)
            • Lighting tower

            OEM partners: Cummins, Volvo Penta, Mtu, Perkins, Scania, Doosan, Mitsubishi SME, Baudouin, Kubota, Stamford, ComAp, DSE and so on

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