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            BF-SM Mitsubishi SME
            BF-SM Mitsubishi SME
            BF-SM Mitsubishi SME
            BF-SM Mitsubishi SME
            BF-SM Mitsubishi SME
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            BF-SM series select Mitsubishi heavey duty diesel engine, compelling for its low investment, reliable solution for high power emergency standby power.
            From 700 to 2500kva.

            Baifa cooperate with Mitsubishi (Shanghai), manufacturing Baifa - SM series diesel generating sets, with its excellent quality and price, Baifa - SM sold vastly overseas, at the same time BF-SM series get higher recognition of the clients in China. This series of diesel engines meet with U.S. EPA2 emissions standard of diesel engine power station. Power coverage from 500 kw to 1800 kw.

            Shanghai Mitsubishi heavy engine co., LTD. is a joint venture between Japan's Mitsubishi heavy industry co., LTD and Shanghai diesel engine co., LTD. The company mainly produce Mitsubishi heavy industries of large and medium-sized engine and the every technology, production, and quality standard is synchronize with Mitsubishi Japan heavy industries.

            General advantages:
            1. The advanced technology of Mitsubishi engine Baifa - SM series diesel generating sets powered by Mitsubishi turbo charged engine, designed for heavy duty usage. Engine equipped with battery charging system and the equipment selection and comprehensive technical support, the basic generator set require very little accessory equipment can be put into operation.

            2. Excellent price & performance Baifa - SM series diesel generator set has advantage of small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, high output power, etc, The purpose is to maximize the customer's operation cost saving. and Baifa - SM series generator set as an economic/cost saving solution to users all over the world.

            3. Wide user base & after-sales service Mitsubishi quality widely recognized by users in China and overseas, Baifa - SM series generator set has been widely used in large power plant, mining, Telecom and telecommunications, factories, transportation, bank, hotels and other industries, for various customers with different continuous and standby power supply. Baifa - SM series can enjoy Mitsubishi engine service, maintenance and spare parts supply around the globe.

            Standard configuration:

            • Engine: Mitsubishi; Alternator: Stamford
            • Radiator 40C max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard
            • 24V charge alternator
            • Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H
            • Absorber
            • Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, pre-filter, coolant filter
            • Main line circuit breaker
            • Baifa Standard auto control panel
            • Two12V batteries, rack and cable
            • Ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphon, flange, muffler
            • Starting battery, a set of connective wires
            • User manual, panel wiring diagram, certificate of conformity.



            Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model Detail Data
            Standby Prime
            BF-SM700 700KVA 635KVA S6R2-PTA-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM725 725KVA 670KVA S6R2-PTA-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM750 750KVA 682.5KVA S6R2-PTA-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM825 825KVA 750KVA S6R2-PTAA-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM1375 1375KVA 1250KVA S12R-PTA-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM1500 1500KVA 1375KVA S12R-PTA2-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM1650 1650KVA 1500KVA S12R-PTAA2-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM1900 1900KVA 1740KVA S16R-PTA-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM2100 2100KVA 1900KVA S16R-PTA2-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM2250 2250KVA 2050KVA S16R-PTAA2-C Download PDF technical data
            BF-SM2500 2500KVA 2250KVA S16R2-PTAW Download PDF technical data

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