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            Baifa lighting tower

            Baifa lighting tower is newly designed, with the vertical mast which can largely save space for easy transportation and operation. It is powered by Kubota or Perkins engine.

            Baifa lighting towers can be used for construction sites, outdoor events and industries. Baifa lighting towers are the perfect solution with the 4000W metal halide light tower. The extraordinary durable, light weight and compact light tower can keep the mast vertical during transportation, which makes it safer, fast and high efficient for transportation.

            Advantages of Baifa lighting tower

            Easy Transportation
            The lifting eye on the lifting beam facilitates easy movement of the lighting tower. The spring axle trailer and tow hitch meet the requirements of DOT.


            Control Panel
            Independent circuit breakers of control and power panels. Hour meter and output socket.


            Environmental Friendly and Safety
            There is a spillage free frame for øuid containment. Oil & coolant drains for easy maintenance and service.


            Fast and Convenient
            Pneumatic shafts are adopted on access doors of both sides. Fast and convenient access to engine, generator and electrical components.


            Easy to Move
            Different types of trailer, including off-road non-homologated and on-road homologogated are available to fit a wide range of application.

            Series Model Altitude Motor  Kubota Light Total LM Max.load
            in 40'
            Model Rotation
            VTM VTM7-E800 7.15m
            ( 23' 6")
            Z482  1500/1800 4*200W LED 120000 16
            VTM7-E1400 Z482  1500/1800 4*350W LED 210000
            VTM7-G2000 Z482 1500/1800 4*500W MH 220000
            VTM9-E1400 9m
            ( 29' 7'')
            Z482  1500/1800 4*350W LED 210000 12
            VTM9-G2000 Z482 1500/1800 4*500W MH 220000
            VTH VTH9-E1400 8.7m
            ( 28' 7")
            Z482 1500/1800 4*350W LED 200000 8
            VTH9-E2000 4*500W LED 300000
            VTH9-G4000 D1105 1500/1800 4*1000W MH 440000
            VTH9-G6000 4*1500W MH 560000
            LM LM9-E1400 9m
            ( 29' 7")
            Z482 1500/1800 4*350W LED 210000 12
            LM9-E2000 D1105 1500/1800 4*500W LED 300000
            LM9-G4000 4*1000W MH 440000
            FH FH9-E1200DC 9m
            ( 29' 7")
            Z482 1500/1800 8*150W LED 180000 4
            FH9-E2800 D1105 1500/1800 8*350W LED 420000
            FH9-E3600 D1105 1500/1800 6*600W LED 540000
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