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            High Voltage Gen-set
            High Voltage Gen-set
            High Voltage Gen-set
            High Voltage Gen-set
            High Voltage Gen-set
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            Baifa high voltage series diesel generating sets are with voltage covers 6300V and 10500V. Also, we can do other frequency and voltage standards according to customer's requirement. Intergrate high voltage alternator or fully advance voltage transform system, we can design and manufacture comprehensive solution for any high voltage power generation.
            Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Generator
            Standby Standby Prime Brand Model Brand Voltage
            BF-M1125HV 900kW 820kW MTU 16V2000G65

            leroy somer







            BF-M1250HV 1000kW 908kW 18V2000G65
            BF-M1375HV 1100kW 1000kW 12V4000G21R
            BF-M1500HV NA 110KW 1120kW
            BF-M1800HV 1440kW 1312kW 12V4000G23
            BF-M2000HV 1600kW 1450kW 12V4000G63
            BF-M2250HV 1800kW 1640kW 16V4000G23
            BF-M2500HV 2000kW 1820kW 16V4000G63
            BF-M2750HV 2200kW 2000kW 20V4000G23
            BF-M3000HV 2400kW 2200kW 20V4000G63
            BF-M3250HV 2600kW 2400kW 20V4000G63L
            BF-C1100HV 880kW 800kW Cummins KTA38-G5
            BF-C1250HV 1000kW NA KTA38-G9
            BF-C1375HV 1100kW 1000kW KTA50-G3
            BF-C1600HV 1320kW 1200kW KTA50-GS8
            BF-P1100HV 880kW 800kW Perkins 4008TAG2A
            BF-P1375HV 1100kW 1000kW 4012-46TWG2A
            BF-P1650HV 1320kW 1200kW 4012-46TAG2A
            BF-P1875HV 1500kW 1364kW 4012-46TAG3A
            BF-P2000HV 1600kW 1480kW 4016TAG1A
            BF-P2250HV 1800kW 1620kW 4016-61TRG2
            1640kW 4016TAG2A
            BF-P2500HV 2000kW 1818kW 4016-61TRG3
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