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            Baifa Standard Control Panel BFK620
            Features: Baifa Standard Control Panel uses micro processing technique integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques, which can carry out functions including:
            -Auto start/stop
            -Auto/manual switch
            -Data display:Voltage, current, frequency, load applied power measure,active power, average power, KWhr, Kvarhr,RPM,oil pressure Bar/PSI,Auxiliary analog output1,2,battery voltage, opporation time.
            -Alarming,Warning, fault diagnose and communication to PC with RS485,RS232,USB port
            -Optional CANbus communication port to read ECU engine data.
            - Working Environment -40 to 70’C
            The controller uses LCD display, optional Chinese and English display interface with easy and reliable operation.

            The new generation of single gen-set auto control module, the new design more focused on customers needs. It improves the quality aimed to satisfy different gen-set utility needs.
            BFK-H3310 includes all features of BFK620

            MRS-10/16 Auto control system
            MRS-10/16 controller comes with large LCD screen; full English& Chinese operation. The control panel has strong control function, easy to operate.
            The C-10/16 Auto control system can carry out functions including:
            -Auto start/stop;
            -Easy operation button, with LED lighting & LCD display
            -Data can be measured and modified directly on module/PC
            -Gen-set 3 phase protection
            -Generator set measurement (50/60Hz) in units:
            U1-U3,I1-I3,Hz,KVA, KW, KVAr,KWH.
            -Optional input and output port
            -Fault history

            Remote feature:
            MRS-10 can receive remote output signal from ATS and realize auto start and stop of generators.
            MRS-16 can realize all functions of MRS10, add RS232 interface, which can communicate with PC to realize remote operation.
            AMF-25 Auto mains failure controller can realize all functions of MRS16, furthermore can detect ATS and control directly.

            For more information, please consult with our professionals at marketing@baifapower.com or

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